Dear American Indian Tribes of Texas,








My name is Stuart Parsons Sr. and I am the Clan Chief of the Echota Cherokee Indian, Wolf Clan West established here in Texas.  I wanted to take a few moments of your time to invite you to the first annual Texas Indian Tribes Celebration on September 26, 27, and 28th at Bosque Resort in Laguna Park, TX. We are having this get together to celebrate the first American Indian Heritage Day in Texas. We believe this day honoring the American Indian Heritage is long time overdue, and would like to bring all tribes represented in Texas together to celebrate this momentous occasion. As the saying goes �One arrow could easily be broken, while a bundle of five arrows remain strong.�  It is my thoughts that we should use this celebration to educate as many as possible by coming together, celebrating, and sharing our American Indian Heritage.

Our celebration will start with a speech from Texas House of Representative Roberto R. Alonzo, who created the measure that today has become HB 174 which created American Indian Heritage Day in Texas, and worked to have it passed into law. We want to invite all tribes that represent Texas to attend and share with us and those non-native Americans in the historic cultural and social contribution your community and leaders have accomplished for the state of Texas. We want to invite you to perform any ceremonial dance or custom you would like to share, as well as educational items you might want to distribute.  We are also searching for authentic Native American Indian vendors that might want to set up and display items for sale.  We also hope that while in attendance you will take in some of the wonderful activities that Bosque Resort has to offer each visitor including our Restaurant large enough for more than 300 people, Horseshoes, Sand Volleyball, and our new trackless train ride experience.  On Saturday, we would like to have a representative from each tribe in attendance be apart of our dedication ceremony for our new waterfall that will soon be the World�s Largest Manmade Natural Stone Waterfall.   The waterfall will have a coin pond at its base and money collected from this pond each year will be divided equally between all tribes of Texas represented.  Our dedication ceremony will include tossing a provided coin into the waterfall coin pond at the same time to symbolize unity and strength as one.

Besides being centrally located in the state of Texas, our area is set up with multiple resorts, lodges, and places to stay, including camping within walking distance, and a multitude of RV spaces surrounding the area of Lake Whitney. There is also boating and fishing on nearby Lake Whitney, as well as quaint towns nearby that host a variety of pleasurable shopping experiences.

Again, I would like to take this time to invite you and members of your tribe to come, enjoy, celebrate, and join in the education and recognition of the first American Indian Heritage Day in Texas with me and my fellow clan members of Echota Cherokee Indian Tribe, Wolf Clan West.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or additions you think will add to this celebration of our culture.


Stuart Parsons Sr.
Clan Chief Echota Cherokee Indians Wolf Clan West


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